Flourish is a polypropylene chair family based on Artcobell's Alphabet and HON's SmartLink.


It's true; classroom furniture needs to be mainly comfortable, versatile, and flexible to ensure teachers and students can bring life to the classroom!

A student might wiggle during class, even if the teacher's not permitting. They may even chew gum, which, along with movement in class, may or may not lead to improved performance on test scores. Although chewing gum may be prohibited during class, one must feel free to move around during class.


Left to right: stock, arms, right tablet arm desk, left tablet arm desk

Interestingly enough, Flourish high-density stack chairs stack highly (up to 50 high with a cart), and have two flex zones: seat and back. The back allows the user to sit comfortably for longer periods of time, while seat allows him/her to recline the seat.

RobloxScreenShot20171124 083257133

Flourish Conferencing is the newest Flourish variant. It comes tilted, untilted, both with and without armrests.


  • It contains more parts than Excel, but fewer parts than Explore.
  • Flourish was manufactured from SEETBase.
  • It comes with four preset colors although it has over 335 million available colors and finishes.

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